Application Process

Application Process

  1. Complete Enquiry / Application
  2. Placement Assessment / Interview
  3. Receive Admissions Status (Accepted、Waiting List 、Not Accepted )

Our Admissions Team follows each and every application from initial enquiry to start date. Interested students/parents are required to submit to the Admissions Office a completed application form (Part One and Part Two), including documentation listed below:

- RMB 2,000 non-refundable, non-transferable application fee. Note: Application cannot be processed without payment of application fee.

- A completed Application Form.

- A copy of each parent/legal guardian's passport and valid documentation to reside in mainland China.

- A copy of student's passport and valid documentation to reside in mainland China.

We understand that a family living outside mainland China may not have a valid Chinese visa or residence permit yet. You can submit your passport copies first and email visa or residence permit copies once they are available.

- A copy of student's birth certificate.

- One student's passport photo.

- A copy of any detailed specialist reports if Special Educational Needs/Learning Needs /Medical Concerns are identified in the application.

- A copy of student's official school reports, Certificate of Attendance and Enrollment issued by previous school, in English or a verified translation, from the last two school years.

- A confidential reference form to be completed by the student's previous school Please return the form to Admissions Office at UISZ directly by email to or by post. 

- Updated Vaccination Records (For Early Years and Primary Applicants Only).

Contact Admission Team:

Phone: +8620 8291 4691 / 18028088732

Wechat Account: 18028088732